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A Day Trip to Stonehenge: Ultimate Guide to Taking a Stonehenge Tour

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, at no additional cost to you

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic monuments in the world. For many, it is a symbol of Britain’s mysterious past and the lure of its ancient secrets. A visit to Stonehenge is a must for anyone visiting London, as it offers an unforgettable day out full of mystery and history.

With so many options available from London, it can be hard to decide which Stonehenge tour is best for you. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide to Stonehenge tours from London.

Different Types of Stonehenge Tours Available From London

When it comes to exploring Stonehenge, there is a huge range of options available. Whether you want to book a guided walking tour or explore the area independently, there’s sure to be an option that’s just right for you. Some of the most popular Stonehenge tours from London include:

Guided Coach Tours

A guided coach tour is a great way to explore Stonehenge and the surrounding area in comfort. These tours usually include stops at other sites, such as the Roman Baths in the City of Bath, and can last anywhere from a few hours to an entire day.

Taking a Stonehenge day trip from London is the perfect way to explore one of Britain's best UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Guided coach tours allow visitors to take in every detail of the journey without getting lost or overwhelmed by the prehistoric stone circle and its stunning complexity. As you travel from central London, you'll learn about Stonehenge's mysterious creation and marvel at this incredible feat of human engineering.

Stonehenge Site

Along the way, you could also choose an optional walking tour of other Stone Age monuments around the Salisbury Plains including Woodhenge and Durrington Walls. Once at Stonehenge itself, guided experts will explain Stonehenge's ancient history and provide insight into its sacred landscape.

A Stonehenge day trip from London can last for either a half or a full day, depending on which option you choose. Booking a half-day trip allows travelers to truly appreciate this remarkable heritage site before heading back home. Here is our top pick for guided coach tours that include transportation to and from London:

Private Tours

If you’re looking for a more intimate experience, consider booking a private walking tour of Stonehenge and the surrounding area. Private tours are typically led by knowledgeable guides who can answer any questions about the history and lore of Stonehenge.

Accompanied by an experienced professional guide, you'll get to explore Stonehenge’s incredible heritage, at your own pace and on your terms. In addition to the guided tour, you'll also have access to exclusive areas that are typically not open to the public - like the inner stone circle. The unique perspective of your guide will be invaluable as you discover the mysteries surrounding this world-famous archaeological landmark.

During the walking tour, you'll enjoy amazing interactive activities which make learning about ancient history both exciting and fun! Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to explore all that Stonehenge has to offer, check out our top picks below:

Self-Guided Tours

If you’d prefer to visit Stonehenge independently, then a self-guided tour is the perfect option. These tours typically include access to Stonehenge and other nearby sites, as well as downloadable maps and audio guides. Exploring Stonehenge solo has some outstanding advantages - not only is it the most economical choice, as you will only need to pay for admission tickets and transport fees but you can also appreciate wandering around at your own pace.

You'll have more free time to bask in all its wonders without feeling pressured by time constraints or tour groups. Keep in mind that if you pick this option, you'll have to purchase Stonehenge tickets and navigate the public transportation system on your own. If this is the best option for you, here is how you can get to the site via public transport:

  • You can take the South Western Railway toward Exeter St Davis from Waterloo Station and get off at Salisbury station. From there, it's a two-minute walk to the Stonehenge Tour Bus Stop [aprox. 1 hr 30 mins]

  • Take a Shuttle Bus from Victoria Coach Station to Salisbury Station. Then take the Stonehenge Tour Bus [2+ hours]

What Can You Expect on a Stonehenge Tour?

No matter which type of Stonehenge tour from London that you choose, there are some things that you should expect. Most tours will begin with a visit to the ancient stone circle itself and your guide - if your tour includes one - will provide commentary on the site’s history and lore.

Depending on the type of tour you book, other activities may also be included, such as visiting nearby sites, enjoying a traditional English pub lunch, or exploring the local countryside. No matter what options you choose, however, here are some things you should know before you visit Stonehenge:

  • You will be traveling for at least 2 hours there and back if you go by car or bus. Total travel time depends on traffic.

  • If you book a tour with other stops included, you'll have less time to experience Stonehenge (about 1.5 - 2 hours).

  • Once you reach your destination, the buses will drop you off at the visitor center. From the visitor center, it's a 20-30 min walk to the stones. The other option is to take a shuttle that goes back and forth from the visitor center to the stone circle. There is usually a line to take the shuttle.

  • Lines to purchase tickets at the site are typically very long. I recommend that you book tickets ahead of time.

  • Once you gain entry to Stonehenge, you'll have also access to other attractions within the site.

  • The location can be a bit windy. If you visit in the fall or winter months, make sure to dress warmly.

  • There are typically many visitors at this site. It's a very popular attraction.

  • You are not allowed to cross the barrier and touch the stones. Access to the inner circle is only possible if you book a private tour.

  • There are bathrooms located inside the visitor center along with a gift shop and a cafeteria.

  • I'd reserve at least 2-3 hours to fully explore the UNESCO world heritage site.

The Neolithic Houses by the Visitor Centre

Tips for Planning Your Trip

Before booking your tour, there are some important things to consider. First, decide which type of tour you’d like to book and research different companies that offer it. Also, decide how much time you have available for the trip and make sure that your chosen tour will fit into your schedule.

Don't wait until the last minute to book your tickets, since tours often sell out quickly. This will save you time so that won't have to line up at the ticket office. Additionally, wear comfortable shoes and bring lots of water and snacks for the journey. Although there is a cafeteria onsite, you may not have enough time to sit down and eat while on the tour.

Other Places to Visit While in the Area

If you're looking to spend a full day out of London, exploring the beautiful English countryside and its charming towns and historic landmarks is an ideal way to do so. Many companies offer awe-inspiring excursions that include a visit to Stonehenge in addition to many other renowned sites. Below are some of the best options for other nearby sites to visit.

A Picturesque Street in Bath

The City of Bath

The historic city of Bath is one of the most charming and beautiful cities in England. It's home to ancient Roman baths, which have been a part of its history for centuries. The city is also home to the imposing and iconic Bath Abbey, located in the center of the ancient city. Not only does this area boast amazing ancient architecture built during Roman times, but it offers much more than that for you to discover.

From wandering around the Royal Crescent and soaking up some local culture, to sampling delicious food from sidewalk vendors or shopping at the local open-air markets, there are so many things to do in Bath. Whether you're looking for a day out or an extended stay, Bath has something to offer everyone. Below are our top picks for the best Stonehenge tours that also include a stop in the city of Bath.

The Roman Baths - Used during Roman times

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is one of the most famous landmarks in England and a well-established royal residence. Now the official burial site of Queen Elizabeth II, it stands proudly in the town of Windsor since William I's reign and has an extremely rich history to boast. It is one of the largest inhabited castles in the world today with over 1,000 rooms.

You can take a guided tour inside its walls to explore famous State Apartments, St George's Hall and Queen Mary's Dolls' House among many other famous parts of the castle. If you're looking for some fresh air, there are the private gardens you can walk around or even deer park with majestic paths to enjoy. This beautiful monument offers so much that you do not want to miss out on your next trip! Check out our top picks for Golden Tours excursions including a stop at Windsor Castle below:

Visiting the iconic Stonehenge is a must for any visitor to London, and with so many tours available it’s easy to find one that suits your budget and interests. By following our tips and advice, you can ensure that your trip will be an enjoyable one that you’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Stonehenge tour tickets from London today and start planning your unforgettable journey to the ancient stone circle!


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