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The 20 Best Travel Accessories to Help You Travel Smart in 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

If you're looking for the best travel accessories to help you travel smart in 2024, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll share 15 of our favorite travel gears that will make your life on the road a whole lot easier. From packing cubes to noise-canceling headphones, these products will help you travel like a pro. So without further ado, let's get started on this ultimate packing list!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Table of Contents

1. A luggage set that is both stylish and functional

Are you looking for the ultimate travel bag that strikes the perfect balance between style and practicality? Look no further than this luggage set! Everybody needs to have at least two bags in their home, a carry on and a checked bag. You don't necessarily need to use them both every time you travel, but it's nice to have them handy for longer trips.

Whether you're traveling near or far, this travel bag has all the features you need to travel in style - it's lightweight, expandable, and comes with plenty of compartments and pockets to store all your essentials. A reliable and durable carryon its every traveler’s ultimate best friend. I always bring my carryon on flights, whether it is a short trip or a long one.

Next time you travel, try to pack all of your essentials in your carryon. By essentials, I mean all the things that you absolutely are going to need during your trip. Given all the recent flight cancellations and delays, the chances of losing a checked bag is higher than ever. So, do yourself a favor and also put anything of great value in your carryon.

Now that we’ve established that everyone needs to bring a carryon on their trip, there’s still the question of which one to get. The answer to that depends on what you’re looking for. If you just want a basic, durable carryon this 21- inch bag from American Tourister is the one for you. However, if you're looking for something with cool gadgets, this smart luggage from Wrangler has a USB port and a cup holder.

That's right, a cup holder, which can come in handy if you're a coffee drinker. Regardless of which carryon you choose, always make sure to check the dimension limits for carryon luggage in the airline's website before you board. You don't want to buy a larger-than-usual bag and then not be allowed to bring it on the plane.

2. A universal travel adapter so you can charge your devices anywhere in the world

If you haven't ventured outside of the U.S. much, or at all, you probably haven't noticed that many other countries don't use the same plugs as us. No matter where you go, it is always a smart idea to bring a universal adapter. I learned this the hard way after bringing all of my hair styling tools to Europe, and then not being able to use any of them because I didn't have an adapter.

I ended up buying a curling iron in Spain, but then also couldn't use it when I got back home. So, save yourself some frustration and money, and get a universal adapter before your trip. This worldwide adapter from Amazon has convertible plugs that can be used in more than 150 countries!

Plus, it comes with 4 USB ports and 1 USB-C port so you will have no trouble charging your phones. If I were traveling abroad and could only bring one gadget (aside from clothing and toiletries of course) a universal adapter would be my top pick.

3. A power bank to keep your electronic devices charged while on the go

Staying properly charged while traveling can be a challenge, but the right power bank will help you get the most out of your cellphone and other electronic devices without ever having to worry about hunting for a socket. Power banks - or portable batteries - allow you to keep your cellphone, tablet, or laptop topped up and help make sure you never miss an important call or email.

With pocket-sized designs that are ideal for traveling and long-lasting enough to withstand even your most ambitious itineraries, a power bank is an essential travel accessory for a smart traveler who wants to stay connected and powered up anywhere their travels may take them.

Have you ever had a really cool photo that you wanted to take, or a story you wanted to post on social media, but couldn't because your battery died halfway through the day? I definitely have. And seriously, who has the time to sit and wait for their phone or camera to charge? Especially when I'm on vacation, I don't like to waste time. So, a portable battery charger was my saving grace.

If you don't care much for pictures or social media, having a portable battery can also be helpful for you. Countless times my phone has died when I was in the middle of using the GPS. Yes, I've gotten lost abroad thanks to overusing my phone for photos and sucking up all the charge. Regardless of your reason for being in this situation, it would suck to get lost in an unfamiliar place.

That's why I believe it's extremely crucial to bring backup when you're traveling abroad. Unless you'd like to use a good old-fashioned map! If not, check out this highly recommended portable battery charger on Amazon. It charges fairly quickly and has both USB and USB-C ports. The best part is that it sustains enough power to charge your device multiple times in the course of several days, so you'll never get lost or miss that photo opportunity again!

4. Selfie stick to help with your photography

Although this is not a super-essential item to bring on your trip, it is definitely fun to have. If you love taking photos and capturing every moment during your travels, a selfie-stick is a great tool for just that. Tripods are typically the go-to for camera stabilization, but they're not equipped to extend the phone or camera forward to get a wider view.

Using a selfie stick is a much easier way to get yourself in the shot as well. If you're traveling by yourself, this is a must-have for you. Nowadays, a lot of selfie sticks come with remotes that you can connect to your phone. I like this specific selfie-stick from Amazon because it is both a tripod and a selfie-stick in one.

It can hold several different phone types and also comes with the remote. It's also suitable for other types of shooting equipment like digital cameras and GoPros. Although it can extend up to 40 inches, it is pretty portable and can be compacted to fit into a small bag or suitcase. This item will definitely make your life so much easier and reduce the amount of camera accessories that you have to bring on your next trip.

5. A travel camera for more advanced video content

If you're a travel enthusiast and want to capture more quality content during your travels, you should consider getting a travel camera. If you're thinking, "I film everything on my new iPhone, why would I need a travel camera?" I was also so adamant about filming everything on my phone, but then I would try to post the footage and the quality just wasn't that great.

And the reality of it is, you really don't need a new camera. This is mainly for those who want to take their photos and videos to the next level. I decided to get a GoPro because I was tired of my videos bouncing everywhere when I attempted to walk and talk while trying to film. However, after trying to shoot a vlog with it as a beginner, I decided it wasn't the best option for me.

The GoPro was heavy, had a horrible battery life, and had way too many parts to carry. If you're planning to vlog during your travels, I highly recommend the DJI Pocket 2 camera. It's small and lightweight, so it fits anywhere, and the quality of the footage is impressive.

One of the upsides of this camera is that it can be used for both video and taking still images. I honestly fell in love with this camera and how easy it was to carry it around. It literally fits in your pocket and I could bring it everywhere I went.

6. A first aid kit in case of emergencies

Most trips involve the unexpected, and having a first aid kit in your luggage is always a smart decision – you never know when you might need it. If you're concerned that it may take up too much space in your luggage, this mini first aid kit from Amazon is small and weighs only 0.35 lbs.

A good first aid kit should contain all the basics such as bandages and antiseptic cream, but also some extras like tweezers and sleeping pills which can help if needed on long journeys. This one carries 110 hospital grade medical supplies like bandages, a CPR respirator, and a very well compact emergency blanket.

This kit is very useful to bring on trips, especially if you're going to be doing any sort of physical activity such as hiking, biking, etc. Hopefully, you may not even need it. However, it's best to be prepared. Two things that I also recommend bringing, which are not included in this kit, are Advil and Pepto Bismol. Advil is a no-brainer, but Pepto Bismol will be your saving grace in times of bathroom emergencies.

Although you may be traveling to a highly developed country, your stomach might not be used to their food. So, do yourself a favor and bring both. Staying safe is essential to a good trip, so adding a basic first aid kit to your list of travels accessories can bring peace of mind to most travelers.

7. A neck pillow for long flights or car rides

A neck pillow is the perfect travel companion for frequent travelers and those embarking on long-distance international journeys. These handy accessories provide the necessary support for your head and neck during extended flights or car rides, allowing for more comfortable seating arrangements and a better night's rest.

Plus, many pillows come with a soft fabric exterior making them easy to pack into a bag during quick trips. So if you're a frequent flyer or plan to go abroad, make sure to pick up a neck pillow to ensure your travels are as comfortable as possible.

Long flights can be cruel, especially if you're the type of person who can't fall asleep on flights. The biggest challenge, I believe, is getting comfortable enough to snooze for a couple of hours. With those stiff chairs and little room in economy, it's tough to find a good position to sleep. Personally, I can sleep anywhere.

But, it was still hard for me to sleep through and 8 hour flight. After I started bringing a neck pillow on the plane, my chances of falling asleep on the plane increased drastically. I found that as long as I can rest my head somewhere, I can sleep somewhat comfortably. The tip is to always try to sit next to someone you know or get a window seat.

You could always bring a full-sized pillow, but that would be a pain to carry through the airport. Neck pillows are smaller and easier to transport. Any neck pillow will do, but I prefer the memory foam ones.

8. A water bottle with a filter to keep you hydrated on the go

Whether you're looking to stay hydrated while adventuring outdoors or commuting around a bustling city, having a water bottle with a filter is the perfect way to make sure you always have clean and safe drinking water. Not only does it eliminate the need for other bottles that take up precious space in your bag, but it also ensures that wherever you go, quality hydration will always be readily available!

Bringing a water bottle on a trip (especially to a big city) may seem like a bit much, but it can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Staying hydrated is super important, especially during the warmer months. If you're going somewhere where you'll be walking a lot, too, it's crucial that you drink enough water throughout the day.

Getting access to clean water in larger cities may be easy, but it can be costly. A lot of major cities, like Paris and Rome, have free public water fountains available. In places where this is possible, it's helpful to bring a bottle so you don't have to go looking for one. When I was in Rome for the first time, there was a heat wave in the middle of June.

Thankfully, the city had multiple little water fountains spread throughout its streets, so we drank water constantly. But, since we didn't bring a bottle, we had to purchase a plastic one from the grocery store and keep refilling it. Still, free water is not going to be available everywhere you visit, so it's smart to pack a water bottle in your suitcase. Before you buy a new bottle, make sure its BPA free like this CamelBak one from Amazon.

9. A door lock and alarm to keep you safe in your accommodation

We can all agree solo travelers have a special set of needs and security should be at the top of that list! That is why a door lock and alarm is the perfect travel accessory for your next trip. Not only will this provide peace of mind so you can relax in your accommodation, but it also offers extra protection against intruders when sleeping in an unfamiliar hotel room.

The sound of an alarm should hopefully be enough to deter them without having to confront or hurt them. Traveling solo will never be worry-free but with a door lock and alarm you can rest easier knowing you have done everything in your power to keep yourself safe.

Safety should always be one of the top items on your priority list, especially if you're traveling alone. I cannot stress enough how feeling unsafe in a new place can absolutely ruin the experience for you. Being a very short and petite girl, I am always a bit scared when I'm visiting a new place by myself.

Although it sucks that this is the case with a lot of women, it shouldn't keep you from living your life and taking that trip you always wanted. The best way to go about it is just to be safe and well prepared. One super helpful item to pack on your suitcase for your next trip is a door lock & alarm set.

This door lock mechanism has gone viral all over social media because it prevents anyone from unlocking your door from the outside. You can find several of these for sale on Amazon, but I picked this set specifically because it came with an added door alarm. The door alarm is just extra protection, which is always welcome. So, I highly recommend that you get one of these, especially if you're traveling alone.

10. A money belt to keep all your money and important documents safe

Planning a trip abroad can be stressful for some, and one of the essentials you'll need is an easy way to keep your boarding pass, money and other important documents safe. That's why a money belt is great for anyone who wants to stay organized and prepared for their trip. It keeps all your documents secure and prevents any undue worry about pickpockets or accidental losses.

Plus it fits comfortably underneath your clothes to make sure you look chic and relaxed on your travels! When packing for your big adventure, don't forget to include a money belt - it's the perfect way to help you travel smart.

Although I have never experienced it myself (thankfully), I've heard so many stories of pick-pocketers stealing wallets and passports in popular tourist spots. Unfortunately people, theft is a thing. And as much as we'd love for our favorite destinations to be free of all crime, sometimes these things happen.

The best way to go about it is to be smart and not make it super easy for someone to steal from you. Men, I'm talking to you. You make the easiest targets when you place all your most important items (like your phones and your wallets) in you back pockets. Get on a train in Paris with you passport in your back pocket, and see if you'll still have it by the time you get off.

This is why I always bring a money belt with me on trips, in addition to a purse. I stash all of my important items in it, like money, credit cards, and passports/passport copies, and place it right on my waist. Typically, it's covered by either pants or a shirt, so no one will think to go there first (or at all). Although it may sound inconvenient to have to reach into your pants or pull up your shirt every time you want to grab your card, that's the price I choose to pay for keeping all of my essential items safe and away from pick-pocketers.

11. A good travel backpack that is comfortable and has a lot of compartments

If you’re looking for the perfect backpack to make your travels easier and more comfortable, then look no further. This travel backpack is the ideal personal item for all your needs; made with a stylish yet lightweight design that allows for maximum comfort when carrying it.

It has ample compartments for everything you need during your journey, from books to personal items; it also provides at least two compartments specifically designed to store clothing and electronics. You could even fit a portable bag stand in it. With plenty of adjustable straps and secure zippered closure, this travel backpack is the ideal choice for making your journeys a breeze.

I personally like this travel bag because it's been designed to meet baggage restrictions for most airlines, so you won't have to wonder if you can or can't bring it with you on the plane. Also, it has a strap on the back so you can attach it to your carryon.

If you're an adventure traveler that loves to be outdoors, this can also serve as a hiking backpack. It's made with waterproof material and a built in charging port to keep your electronics fully powered throughout your hike. It's also practical and can be used for carrying some smaller camping gear.

12. Noise-canceling headphones to block out unwanted noise

No packing list for a trip is complete without noise-canceling headphones! With these, you can block out any background noise that would otherwise distract you from getting the you-time that you deserve on your travels.

If you're looking for a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones but don't want to drop hundreds of dollars on the latest noise-cancelling AirPods, check out this more affordable option. They have three different colors for you to pick from; pink, blue, and black.

The other benefit of getting these versus some other product, like Beats, is that you won't run the risk of losing or breaking the more expensive ones during you travels. Instead of packing those overpriced traditional headphones, take these noise-canceling ones instead - it'll be worth every penny for the peace and quiet during your journey!

13. An eye mask to help you sleep on long journeys

If you’re taking a long flight, an eye mask is essential for catching some decent shut-eye on the go. With a comfortable fit and pitch-black darkness, it helps to block out all light and keeps you sleeping soundly during your long journey. If you're not a picky sleeper, any eye mask should do.

If you are picky about things on your face, however, consider getting this 3D Contoured Cup mask from Amazon. It's sleek design fits closely around the eyes - not on them - for maximum comfort. It's shape also sits perfectly around your nose to block even more light than regular sleeping masks.

More than just helping you get enough rest, getting a good night's sleep also helps to prevent jet lag too, so be sure to pack an eye mask in your carry-on to stay well-rested wherever you go.

14. Packing cubes to help you organize your suitcase

Packing cubes are one of the most versatile travel accessories out there. They’re bags of various sizes you can use to keep all your stuff organized when you’re on the go. These ensure that everything from toiletry bags to shirts and pants fit comfortably into any suitcase.

Whether you use a single cube or multiple ones, packing cubes help make sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle during your travels. Plus, they can also help compartmentalize things like toiletries and gadgets so that finding exactly what you need is as easy as can be! It's one of my favorite packing tips for frequent travelers and people who have trouble getting organized.

I love this BRAQ set of packing cubes because it has everything you'll need to pack for your trip. It comes with 3 different sized cubes for clothes, an underwear bag, a cosmetic bag, and a sock bag. Two other features that I love about this packing cube brand is that it has 2 additional bags for shoes and a drawstring bag for dirty laundry.

Everything in this kit should fit perfectly inside a carryon bag. If you're looking to organize something bigger than a carryon, I'd recommend that you get two sets of packing cubes.

15. A portable WiFi hotspot so you can stay connected while on the go

Staying connected while you’re on the go is no longer a challenge with a portable WiFi hotspot! No more relying on hotel room connection or maxing out your cell phone data plan. This convenient accessory takes the hassle out of travel by providing travelers with instantaneous and reliable internet access wherever they roam.

This 4G LTE mobile hotspot device comes with 1 GB of international data to be used in over 160 countries and regions. The brand promises a secure wireless WiFi connection that can be shared with up to 5 devices at the same time, and a battery life for up to 18 hours.

So if you’re looking for that extra bit of convenience when it comes to staying connected, a portable WiFi hotspot is one of the 15 travel accessories that will have you equipped and ready to go!

16. A scarf or shawl that can be used as a blanket, cover up, or head scarf

When traveling abroad, a scarf or shawl can really come in handy. It's the perfect accessory to pack – lightweight and versatile, it can be used as a blanket during the flight, a pillow on the plane, or even as a fashionable cover-up to complete multiple outfits.

If you're thinking "why would I ever need this?" I never thought I would either, until I traveled to cities where you needed to cover up certain parts of your body to enter into a religious building. In Rome, they won't allow you to enter any holy spaces in the Vatican if your shoulders are exposed.

If you're going to any Muslim country, like Dubai, you'll have to cover up your head and shoulders with a shawl or scarf to enter religious spaces. So, it's better to be well prepared and bring one on your trip. Not only will it take up minimal space in your bag, but you'll also always have something stylish and useful on hand during your travels.

17. A bag tag to keep track of your checked luggage

We've all heard of the horrors of lost and misplaced luggage that have been plaguing major airports this last year! To help avoid this devastating experience from happening to you, why not invest in a clever bag tag to help keep track of your checked luggage?

Now more than ever, knowing where your belongings are is a luxury that is 100% worth investing in. This smart travel accessory will give you peace of mind knowing exactly where your bags are at all times. Stop second-guessing yourself and worrying about whether your bags will arrive with you at your final destination; luggage tags can save the day.

My go-to bag tag is none other than the Apple AirTag. You can either buy them at any Apple store, or get the tag and the leather loop separately on Amazon. Keep in mind that the listing for the loop does not come with the AirTag included. If you don't own an iPhone, don't stress.

There are several other brands of GPS trackers online. I recommend using a Tile instead of any other knock-off brand ones. Tile is a well-known and widely used brand. We personally own a tracker from them and they are very durable.

18. A toiletry bag with TSA-approved containers

To get through a carry-on bag with ease, why not invest in an organized toiletry bag specifically designed to carry TSA-approved containers? Not only is this a great idea for travel, but essential too. This small bag helps you pack toiletries and all the necessities, including body wash and hair care, in one compact and neat bag that's easy to carry around.

This eliminates the stress of finding containers that are within TSA size limits which means you can focus on enjoying your travels without the hassle of going through security screenings. The other thing I like about these is that it eliminates the need of buying travel-sized products every time you go away.

I used to spend so much money at Target buying mini-shampoo, conditioners, etc. for every trip and I'd never end up finishing all of the bottles. With these re-usable containers, you can bring you preferred brand of toiletries and still make use of them when you get back.

With the wide range of styles available online, you're sure to find one that perfectly suits all your needs. I picked this one from Amazon because it had all the necessary containers, plus it has a classy and clean look to it.

19. A laundry bag to store your dirty clothes

If you’re traveling for a longer period of time, then it’s handy to include a laundry bag in your luggage! It not only helps you stay organized, but it also contains all of your t-shirts or other clothing items that need to be washed so they don't end up mingling with the clean clothes.

Plus, sorting through which things need cleaning is much easier when they're already corralled into one place. The packing cubes that we recommended earlier in this post already comes with a laundry bag, so you won't need an extra one. However, if you decide that packing cubes are not for you, make sure to still pack a laundry bag when taking a longer trip - and thank us later!

This laundry bag from Amazon is different because it's moisture and smell-proof. This was a plus for me because I don't like when my clean clothes come in contact with dirty laundry while traveling. This bag will help ensure that your unused items stay fresh and clean even if it's sharing bag space with your dirty laundry.

20. A luggage scale so you don't go over the weight limit

A luggage scale should be one of the first accessories you pack when you travel. Whether you’re trying to cram everything in one bag or choosing to save money by avoiding fees for excess weight, it’s essential if you want to stay within airline regulations. We've all seen travelers on airport floors with their bags wide open trying to transfer items from one bag to the other - and some of us (me included) have also been there.

With one of these handy devices, a helpful LCD screen will display your bag's weight quickly, accurately and conveniently – so that you don’t end up being one of those people rushing at baggage check-in trying to rearrange the contents of their suitcases! Don't leave home without one and make sure your travels are stress-free.

No matter where you're going or how you're getting there, these twenty travel accessories will help make your journey a little bit easier. From the must-have backpack to the ever-useful power bank, this list has everything you need to travel smart. So before your next big trip, make sure to go through this ultimate packing checklist and pick out the items that will be most useful for you. Happy travels!

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