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Most Instagramable Spots in Dubai

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Dubai is on many people's bucket list for its incredible architecture, luxury lifestyle, and lively nightlife. This modern city is also packed with picture-perfect spots for photos. Below are some of the the best spots for pictures in Dubai.

Location: Burj Park; Across the main entrance to the building.

  1. The Burj Khalifa

Standing at 2,717 feet above the ground, the Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world. This iconic skyscraper helped put Dubai on the map as a bucket-list tourist destination. Its impressive architecture makes it a true sight to see. Due to its immensity, capturing a photo with the Burj Khalifa as the backdrop can be done from literally anywhere around the epicenter of the city, which is where the Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountain, and the Burj Khalifa itself is located. Keep in mind that the building is extremely tall, and that if you want the entire structure to appear in your photos it's best not to stand too close to it.

Tip: Get as low on the ground as you can and then tilt your camera upwards to capture a photo like the one above.

Location: 57RG+C67 Downtown Dubai ( Next to the Burj Residences Tower 9)

2. The Wings of Mexico Statue

The Wings of Mexico statue is located right across from the Dubai Fountain on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd. It is basically just a bronze statue of massive wings that were strategically placed in the most perfect spot to capture a photo with the Burj Khalifa in the back. This was one of my favorite photo locations from the entire trip. It just flawlessly captures Dubai's novelty and incredible architecture in one photo. The best part is that you don't even have to go out of your way to reach this location. It is smack dab in the middle of the city and within a short walk of all the major attractions.

Tip: Come around noon to avoid lots of shadows from nearby buildings on your picture. Come early in the day to avoid crowds if you are travelling during peak tourist season.

Location: At The Top level 124

2. At The Top

At The Top is the observation deck located inside the Burj Khalifa that overlooks the entire city. Before you get in line at the front desk, be aware that the tickets are a bit pricey for this experience. Tickets can range from $45-$150 each depending on the time of day and which levels you want to access. The cheapest pass gives you access to levels 124 and 125, where there is a 360-view observation deck with telescopes to explore the city from above. The medium-priced package also gives you access to levels 124 and 125, with the addition of level 148. At level 148, there is a Sky Lounge where you can sit and enjoy refreshments offered by the staff. From this level, you can also access an outdoor terrace with a stunning view of the Dubai Fountain. Whichever levels you chose to visit, they all have great spots for capturing photos with the entire city in the background.

Tip: The entrance to At The Top is actually through the bottom floor of the Dubai Mall, and not through the main entrance of the building.

Location: La Mer - North Entrance

3. La Mer

La Mer is an outdoor shopping mall located along La Mer Beach. Beautifully designed in an industrial architectural style, the series of stores and food shops are very aesthetically pleasing and cleverly located by the water. The streets of La Mer are also covered in drapes, which help shade customers from the strong Dubai sun. Conveniently, they also serve as a great background for photos. This photo was take along the north entrance of the space, specifically in between two stores named Hamac and Moge Tee. It is also possible capture some great shots in other areas throughout La Mer.

Tip: Come before the stores open if you'd like to capture photos without crowds in the background.

Location: Al Awir Second (Literally in the middle of the desert)

4. Dubai Desert

Once you drive a few minutes away from the center of the city, you'll soon find out that Dubai is surrounded by deserts. The best way to get to an area like the one in this photo is to book a desert safari tour. The companies offering the tours will typically provide transportation to and from your hotel, and they will usually take you out to the desert for majority of the day. The tours almost always include a list of activities, which may include dune surfing, camel riding, dinner and a live show. There are so many opportunities for photos during the desert tours, and the pictures just come out incredible with the sand dunes.

Tip: The best time to photograph in the desert is during golden hour, when the sun is setting. Find out what time the sun is setting on the day of your tour and make sure to arrive at your desired spot a few minutes before.

Location: Dubai Miracle Garden

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

This place looks like it came out of a Disney movie - literally. The Dubai Miracle Garden sort of looks and feels like Disney, but with lots and lots of flowers and greenery. You pay a fee of about $26 to get into the park, and from there you can pretty much go freely in any direction. There are no lines to see any of the displays, since people sort of just roam around the park taking photos and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The only obstacle when photographing in the park is that EVERYBODY is also trying to capture a photo in front of the displays, so try to come when it first opens to avoid crowds.

Tip: Pre-purchase your admission tickets online in order to skip the line at the ticket booth during peak times.

And that's it folks! I hope you enjoyed these tips on the best photo spots around the beautiful city of Dubai. If you wish to learn more about turning your travel photos from mediocre to Instagram-worthy, find out how by checking out our latest post: How to Take and Edit Jaw-Dropping Travel Photos.

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